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December 2010
Rim Current variations in the Black Sea

Discover the seasonal variability of the Black Sea circulation.

La Niña, the terrible Sister

Following its elder brother (El Niño) from mid-2010, La Niña has in turn wreaked havoc on Pacific coasts (and more). Catastrophic flooding in Australia, in particular , occurred in December 2010-January 2011.

A new La Niña episode is ongoing, even if less intensive than last year one. It is expected to continue up till March-April-May 2012.

Rounding a Mediterranean Gyre

To study one of the best-known oceanic feature of the Mediterranean Sea, the Ierapetra gyre (South-East of Crete), the use of several kind of data, as MyOcean provides, is a definite plus.


The weather in Britain is notorious for being unpredictable. However, it is not only the lands that show changes with the weather. The ocean also reacts quickly to the weather, initially at the surface but also affecting the seabed, and economic and biological activities can be impacted.

Crossing Gibraltar Strait

Gibraltar Strait is of major importance, oceanographically, strategically... It is where colder Atlantic Ocean waters enter the warmer Mediterranean Sea. A map of Sea Surface Temperature (SST) illustrates the wealth of marine features visible in this area.

El Niño is back – again

Cyclones have increased in the Pacific whereas the last Atlantic hurricane season showed a decrease in events. El Niño, this ocean/climate phenomenon, is back -- wreaking havoc on climate worldwide.

Arctic ice on the move

Ice extent record minima, the opening of the Northeast or Northwest Sea Passages… The Arctic is often in the news these days. Modelling and forecasting its moves as well as its reaction to climate change are important issues.

Amazon freshens up the waters

When it comes to studying the ocean, it is important to know the quantity of salts in the water. Either modelled or observed, in-situ or by satellite, salinity varies all over the globe, especially at the mouth of a river as powerful as the Amazon.